December 2, 2016


hide me
in the folds of your summer dress
with the forgotten early morning dreams
in your childhood scars
that bare witness to stolen fruits
and stolen hearts.
I'm running out of time
and trying to run from it
what a beautiful paradox
to find myself caught in
like a scratched disk
stuck in the same loop
with no one coming to pull the plug.
I've went trough all the stages of grief
I've denied, pleaded, cursed
cried, yelled and accepted
all that my heart could bear
still, it isn't enough
so here I am pleading once more
hide me!
I know this winter does your bidding
so what is it to you if I get lost in the blizzard?
just one more soul added
to the wander and lost list
shrug it off
like you would a chill
of an indistinct memory
and hide me.

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