February 16, 2015


somul uită să mai vină
în gene mov,
în culcuș de rugină.

ideile-n schimb aleargă haotic,
țipă, se-mping de-a valma
nevrotic piciorul se-nvârte pe loc
brațul așteaptă impuls
sau cuvânt
din miezul de foc
gura soarbe flămând
de parcă răspunsul se află arzând
timpul în foi de tutun.

trupul renunță,
voința la fel
somnul, în fine, renunță și el.

February 14, 2015


i know this chick
she's something special
and maybe she doesn't hear it enough
or she doesn't listen close enough
'cause she should know this already.

she's one of those people
that for some reason just stick with you
like cotton candy.
she's whimsical
and silly in the best way,
maybe a bit naive and unasuming
and possibly too quiet-spoken.
but she is also fiercely determined
and boy, she is smart!
she's got that old soul vibe,
the hunger for knowledge
that you can't fake.

yeah, she's young and impacient
and she makes mistakes
but she learns and grows with them.

child, trust yourself with the hard choices.
somewhere beneath the surface
burried under rules, fears and conventions
beats a strong heart.
trust it.