November 26, 2013

"we mortals are but shadows and dust"

for we are filled with butterflies
and this life doesn't come back twice
no second thoughts should cloud our mind
we'll have it all,
we'll kiss and fight,
we'll swear, we'll smile, we'll run and hide
but we will never be denied.
this life is ours for the taking
and if you think that I'm mistaking
then run along inside your box
just close it tight and turn the lock.
leave us be to feel, to dance,
to dream of colors and romance,
to make mistakes, to fear, to cry,
to learn to love and say goodbye,
to question everything and try
to do it all in this short life
for we are made of butterflies...

November 6, 2013

every once in a while

lately I found that my patience wears thin
and ever so often the monster within
wants to crawl out hissing and scratching
and try as I like I can't always stop it.
it's self preservation more than anything else
because keeping it hidden takes up immense
force and power of will
so I thought to myself: why not let it escape and take part in the kill?
why not savor the moment and blow off some steam,
why deny it when I could join in the scream?
so every once in a while when it gets way too much
when the whining won't stop
just before that last drop hits the brink of the glass
I open the cage and give it free pass.
so it starts...
snarling and growling and stalking the prey
reaching to grab, swiftly pulling away
mastering the timeless game there's to play:
hide and seek, cat and mouse, always catching the strey
never missing a queue or skipping a beat
lounging teeth first at the neck of the weak.