September 1, 2016

the goldilocks zone

i know more than i'm supposed to
but not as much as i'd like
and I still have a way to go
in learning to keep my mouth shut
some say...
withholding information is a federal crime
and I for one take this shit seriously
orange jumpsuits are not my thing

these days
there's a duality to everything
that challenges your perspective
and ultimately your sanity:
you want to achieve a comfort zone
but you don't want to be there long
because progress doesn't happen there
and so you change
but it's too sudden or way outside the box
and trust me, you don't want that either
because shock and disappointment might happen
so you're left with the goldilocks zone
which for normal mortals like most of us
is as easy to find as the way to Hogwarts
via Platform Nine and Three-Quarters.

growth is relative
pain is relative
frustration is relative
complexity is relative
success bares the same stigma
everything is relative
until it's not...
and that's precisely what eludes us:
the aha moment
when relativity crystallizes into fact.
we see the effects,
we get the clarity
and make our decisions
but we can't replicate it
nor induce it like you would a medical coma.

we're all passive in this relationship
just waiting for life to happen.