February 5, 2014

Two sides of a coin

I'd judge you by my image...
but even though we're cut from the same cloth
we're different measures:
I'm latte with 2 sugars while you're black coffee.
I see the fault and act to correct it
while you give out second chances and try to heal it
but we'd both do whatever it takes for friends.
As you raise your voice
I lower mine
but we both know
we could easily scream the windows into pieces.
You'll hold my hand while I get my tattoo
and I'll walk the aisles with you to buy a book,
for though they don't appear the same
they're both pieces of art.
And as you fall
we'd first laugh
and then I'd pick you up,
because you need to make fun of yourself
every once in a while;
as I'd encourage you to make your own mistakes...
how else would you learn otherwise?
Bottom line: I'm glad we're different
but not fundamentally so,
because arguing with myself all the time
would be god damn boring!