August 29, 2014

un om şi o vioară

aici timpul este sonor.
acum, nu mai are valoare.
se întinde, se dilată, devine fluid,
alunecă prin cameră şi te îmbraţişează,
te învăluie ca un secret şoptit sfios la ureche

şi tu îl laşi...

te laşi în voia lui
şi te bucuri de călătorie.

niciodată stelele n-au părut mai aproape,
niciodată n-ai vizitat atâtea lumi necunoscute,
niciodată nu ţi-ai lăsat sufletul atât de expus,
niciodată n-ai uitat aşa de tine,
niciodată instinctul n-a cucerit raţiunea,
niciodată nu te-ai simţit atemporală,
niciodată n-ai rămas fără cuvinte,
niciodată, niciodată, niciodată...

îmi amintesc ce gust are marea,
ce culoare au amintirile,
câţi fluturi încap într-un vis...

toţi suntem fluturi orbitând haotic aceeaşi flacără:
un om şi o vioară.

August 22, 2014

what changed?

at what point a good intention
turned into a slap in the face?
what twisted and curved into us so much
that we see shadows and knives
thrown at us behind words?
when did we become so shielded,
hidden into a cloak of politeness?
who decided that having a smile plastered to your face
is the new accepted norm
and the only measure of a feel good state?
(you do realize this is how hollow hearts and fake smiles are born, right?)
when has it been decided
that our best isn't good enough anymore?
that being the best
means crawling over everybody else's dead bodies
rather than being better than you were yesterday?
when did we forget to simply talk to each other
without accusing or assuming the worst,
without advising, coaching or mentoring?
when did we start to believe that we're vital and irreplaceable?
when did we become gods?
why do we want to save people
that don't need saving?

stop trying to fix me
I am not broken!

August 19, 2014


am I falling or jumping?
still frame on this moment,
the question remains unanswered
and there stands the possibility
to define your present.

what is it that you wanna do?
break or fly?

of course, wouldn't we all want to just spread our wings...
but have you ever wondered
how much more strengh does it take
to let yourself break down?
to voluntarily take yourself apart
piece by piece
and examine it all under the magnifying glass?

would you put all the pieces back?
would you try to see if they match diferently?
would you store or throw away?
would you need a blueprint?
would you cry for help?

would you even consider it?

August 18, 2014

that's when

I knew a man once.
he was kind and considerate,
patient and helpful
and an all rounded do-gooder.
I kinda liked him...

but then he showed me a different side,
the crazy side:
the passion for gore horror movies
and weird sci-fi series,
the love for knives,
the anime watching,
the superheroes comics,
the zombie and apocalipse fascination,
the twisted sense of humour...

that defining moment when I realized:
his demons play well with mine,
his mind faced mine twist for twist,
his calm matched my flames,
his hands cupped mine perfectly.
that's when I really fell in love.

August 15, 2014

alternate reality

we're living in a makeshift world
built on 'what ifs'
barely kept together by crumbs of morality and social conventions.
given the chance
each and every one of us would kill
pleasure, control, love, anger, protection, just because...
some of them, all of them
valid reasons if social stigma wouldn't exist.
we invent rules,
draw boxes and push people in them,
trace lines and walk them
then blur them when we get bored...

take away 'wrong' and 'right'
and watch what happens
as the world shows its inner most darkest self:
sharp teeth, snarls and all.

when all hell breaks loose
don't say I didn't warn you.