August 7, 2017

adjust to scale

tiny people in their tiny cages
trapped in a special type of despair
of their own make and model
cheating themselves out of air
by spazzing on everyone else
for the merciless injustice
bestowed upon them
by the false idols and prophets.
tiny people with tiny voices
keep making up only poor choices
then scream at their captors
demanding attention
forgetting that glass doors
are see through both ways
and try as you might
walls can't cover mistakes.
tiny people need reality checks
to help their tiny minds adjust
and grasp basic concepts:
humanity owes you nothing!
the universe owes you nothing!
nobody owes you nothing!
you, in fact, owe them decency...
or at least some poor attempt
at common sense.
tiny people build tiny prisons
in their tiny minds
and still misplace the tiny key...
then wonder why they aren't free.

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